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Did you get a look at Seth Aaron Henderson hair? Wow, michael kors handbags looks like he modeled his hairstyle after an end table dating back to the 1950 (the kind that always had ashtrays on them). On a couple sites I saw people commenting on how he said his look was inspired by Russian military looks from michael kors bags outlet the 1940 you sutton know, when Stalin was purging a social class that didn quite fit into his version of michael kors purses outlet communism. I guess with the recent revelations michale kors handbags outlet of Sandra Bullock soon to be ex (My God they were in the process of adopting a baby when her Academy Award nomination was announced along with his frolics with white power tattooed twits!) someone hinting that a military michael kors outlet on sale look from this time period is appealing don sit

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well with the entire viewing audience. With that said, I like the tights that he put on his Model but I really don like this red dress much, and I definitely don like that thing stuck on top of her head. The michael kors outlet michael kors facotry outlet is a great growth stock, so the 25 future PE is not deterring to us because we believe that the story for KORS is that the michael kors outlet michael kors bags on sale can see a lot more growth in 2013 and 2014. Right now, expectations are that the stock will grow about 100% cheap michael kors bags in earnings and more than 50% in revenue in the new year. The michael kors outlet is expanding quickly and successfully. The michael kors outlet has just over 250 retail michael kors factory outlet stores in the US and over 320 globally. miranda The michael kors outlet has tons skorpios of location expansion potential alone that provides us with a lot of confidence. They added around 70 new stores last year, and while the exact number for 2013 gia has not been released, we believe 50 60 new stores should be expected. Comparing michael kors store locations to a similar michael kors outlet like Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL) shows just how small KORS is still right now. RL has 850 stores right now. The key to KORS expansion twitter will be michael kors wallets outlet the bedford ability to bring its clothing into other stores like RL has done outside of department stores and flagship stores on a larger scale and have successful international expansion. KORS has not broken

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$45 since August, michael kors handbags on sale and we like that level for a bull put spread to start a position.

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