I am passionate about cycling and due to the nature of my business I am able to train full time. I spend between 15 to 22 hours per week on the bike. I own a fitness studio (ONYOURBIKE FITNESS STUDIO) which focuses on sports specific training especially cycling so I am able to promote the sport and equipment there too.

I started my sporting career on a bike in Johannesburg and won many vet category races which put me at the top of my game. I took a break from cycling out right and went into Ironman triathlon which I excelled in and qualified many times for the Ironman World Champs. I travelled to many overseas Ironman races and as a category winner I decided to turn pro which I did in 2012.

I went back to road and mountain biking shortly thereafter and once again rose to the top of the vets categories in South Africa as I felt that was my strength and passion. I am very competitive and over the years, have been dedicated to my sport, the evidence of which is seen in my achievements.